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  • Product Development and Translation: JBC is well-versed in the product development process, including the creative content writing, translation, graphic design, typesetting, text layout, segmentation, proofing, and printing.  We have created and implemented multiple product launches, overseeing the full life-cycle of numerous global licensing, royalty contracts and profit sales margins, distribution, product promotion, logistics and publishing of 100+ products (including books, music CD’s, DVD’s, other premiums) into over 15 languages.3834037221_f2b884b842_b
  • Marketing Communications: Integrated marketing is the key to desired response rate levels within communication.  JBC has been able to gauge the delicate balance of the right communication mediums (i.e. web, email, social, direct mail, phone, magazine), the timing of when to send each communication, the right kinds of messages (i.e. the areas that interest the recipients) and the frequency of the messaging that needs to be reinforced.  Coordinating these factors can be a challenge, but JBC can help you asses and tailor a marketing strategy that fits your ministry’s needs, in turn creating increased revenues and happier long-term supporters for you.
  • Operations: JBC has a global perspective, working domestically and internationally in over 40 countries, extensively in Asia, Latin America, Europe.  Jacob speaks Japanese Spanish, and of course English fluently, and have studied 5 other languages.  JBC has managed the day to day business initiatives including all aspects of the business functions in Australia, the Philippines, Canada, India, South Africa, and the UK.  JBC has launched a Spanish division of a ministry (everything from banking, legal, staffing and training, office fit-out, mail processing, product fulfillment, local P.O. Box maintenance and sweeps, PR management and event planning).  Yes, this may sound complicated, but we have the expertise and a worldwide network of contacts that can help you advance the reach of your organization.
  • Fundraising:  Jacob has recently managed over 6 million dollars of development income thrusts in:
    • Phoning: Streamlined and automated phoning strategy. This greatly increased our productivity, reporting and key metrics like completes per hour and $’s per hour.
    • New Name Acquisition/Conversion: JBC was instrumental in the creation and implementation of a new system for on-site event name acquisition and then the corresponding new name conversion series (through email, phone, the web and direct mail), which was very effective on finding and winning new names.
    • Foundations and Grant Writing: Connected, created, customized and submitted LOI’s and Grant Proposals to over 30 private and public foundations in the areas of Christian Ministry, Evangelism and Training.
    • Direct mail: Turned annual $’s from $12,000/yr in ’08 to net $142,000/yr.
    • Partner Program and EFT: Revamped a partner programs and increases the annual revenue from $31,000 to $201,000.
    • New Believer Communications: Created a 26 week new believer discipleship curriculum.
    • Donor Engagement: Created annual events, which generates over 3000 prayer requests/yr and has helped the donor bond with the team.
    • Web, Email & SocialRegular magazine publications and blessing pieces: Used to inspire and report back to their donor base, JBC has given input on concept, content & the printing, cutting costs and making the magazine and blessing mailings profitable, thus allowing a client to create and send twice as many inspiring issues to their donors per year.
      • Doubled the online giving income.
      • Researched and initiated mobile giving campaigns at festivals, developed an app for Android and iPhone, initiated text messaging campaigns.
      • Started live webcasts with Luis and the leadership team to better connect with our donors.
      • Built 14 websites for Palau and refreshed others with mobile optimization, content and design.
      • Helped initiate social media strategy and helped built Luis’ Facebook following to 164,000 and Twitter to 80,000.
      • Managed the email strategy and messaging to our email list of between 63,000-103,000.
  • building shotStory #1: Direct Mail: Recently JBC helped an organization that was having problems with their direct mail initiatives.  They were mailing to a lot of people, but they were barely getting by.  We cut costs on the production and printing, isolated the unproductive segments, configured more interest specific segments, tweaked the mailings so they were skimmable, varying sizes and shapes, made the donor feel important, and immediately saw their direct mail do a 180 degree turn with record net income figures 10 times what they were.  We realize that this may seem complex, but we’ve learned the hard way what to do and what not to do with direct mail.  We’ve tested and measured everything you can imagine and can quickly help your organization see profits in this area.  Please call us or email us and let’s see how we can take your mail to the level you need!
  • Story #2: Business Operations: A client of JBC wanted to expand the reach of their ministry into the Latin speaking world. Because of our experience in international business development, we helped them launch a local foot print so that TV viewers could respond via mail, web, email, and over the phone as though the organization was right there in their country.  There were logistical hurdles that we had to overcome, but in the end a great number of people heard the message, the response was overwhelming, and the division grew to $1.5 million/yr.  If you’re barely breaking even in your business, please let me help you.  We know how it feels when you’re overwhelmed. Give us a call or email us today so we can help you work through it.
  • Story #3 Product Development and Translation: A client of JBC wanted to go global with the quality resources that they had created but they didn’t know where to start. We took their products, tapped into our contact base of people that we’ve worked with and created superior products, domestically and internationally, making this organization hundreds of thousands of dollars in profits.  If you have a message that you know needs to get out there but you don’t know how to create, market and distribute your products with a profit, please give us a call or email us.  We’ll save you money and time and get you pointed in the right direction.
  • Story #4 Niche Opportunities: Occasionally there are opportunities that arise or ones that you’re missing that need to be explored. One time, an organization that was focused on evangelism was seeing a lot of people come to Christ, but didn’t have a discipleship program.  Another organization wanted to expand their TV internationally, but didn’t have the infrastructure to support it, and another wanted to do a better job bonding with their donors without spending a lot of money.  In each of these cases, there was a solution that was within arm’s reach.  Together we can come up with a vision that will be captivating, adapt an existing system to save time, use the right tools to make your initiative possible and create metrics to measure the progress.

Just give us a call or email us and tell us what you’re working on and how we can help YOU!